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Release Notes
The Print Creations International version is released
The Print Creations International version is released
The Print Creations version is released

ArcSoft announces the release of Print Creations version V3.0

This is a major upgrade with many exciting features

Advanced Text Tools
Intelligent tools for helping you add the perfect sentiment to your greeting card including: Greeting Suggestions, Spell Check and high-quality text rendering.  
Learn more
Important Date Reminder
Alerts you to important, upcoming holidays, anniversaries, birthdays and other special dates.  
Learn more
Face Beautify
Magically beautifies skin by hiding unwanted blemishes and smoothing out wrinkles.  Learn more

ArcSoft Print Creations 3.0 Software Download includes these components:


•  Order Photo Book

•  Order Calendar

•  Brochure & Flyer (Introductory Version)

•  Poster (Introductory Version)

•  1/4-Fold Greeting Card (FREE Full Version)

•  1/2-Fold Greeting Card (Introductory Version)

•  Album Page (Introductory Version)

•  Funhouse (Introductory Version)

•  Funhouse II (Introductory Version)
•  Photo Book (Introductory Version)
•  Photo Calendar (Introductory Version)
•  Photo Prints (Introductory Version)
•  Scrapbook (Introductory Version)
•  Slimline Card (Introductory Version)
   Size Title Platform Language
   42.6MB   ArcSoft Print Creations 3.0   Win   International
   59.2MB   ArcSoft Print Creations 3.0   Mac   International


Does your version of Print Creations include all the latest project modules? Get them today!

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